How to advertise as independent escort


To register as an independent escort on Escorts Paris France, simply follow the link and fill in the fields for your information. Thereafter, you will receive a mail from which you can activate your account and create your password. To register as independent escort requires no payment.

Create your profile

You can create your profile by going to "My Account" then "Edit Profile" in the column of menus, this after you logged in. You are thus redirected to a page where you must fill in the fields for your name, city, age, description and others. Also in the column menu of your account, you have "Manage contacts" that takes you to the page where you have to fill out your mobile number, check the options to contact you, and block visitors from certain countries. One finds among other menus in the Profile column, stewardship sections of photos and videos, services and prices, icons and many other details.


Upload photos/videos. Verify your photos.

You can upload photos and videos by going to "Manage photos / videos" of your account menu column. The page that appears shows the load fields from which you can select photos and videos from your computer. You can change their order by dragging and dropping.

On the verification of photos, there is also a charging fields. In case you use professional photos with blurred face, you must upload the same photo without blurring by the audit field and an amateur photo of you holding a paper on which is written "Paris". Also if you use professional photos with face not blurred, you must upload a photo to which you hold a paper with writing on it "Paris". The photos are confidential and are used only for verification purposes. It is important to note that after changing picture, you must repeat the checks to keep the icon "Verified" that serves for your credibility with visitors. Also, do not forget to click on Save at the bottom of the page to make the changes effective.


Activate your profile

To activate your free advertising, you can go to the "Manage activations" in the column of your account menu. This redirects you to a page where you select either "Yes", and the dates of beginning and ending of free advertising for activating your profile on a fixed period; or "No" to disable the account. In the latter case, the dates are not displayed.

Your account will be activated within 12 hours, and note that all the accounts will be activated after administrator approval. In case your account is not enabled, contact the administrator of the site by going to "Contact". This takes you to a page with filling fields of the message’s object and the message itself.


Upgrade your advertisement to VIP

Want to have your photo in the VIP section of the home page in addition to VIP icon for a better visibility with website visitors? Improve your advertisement to VIP by going to "My Account". The page that appears contains the "Become a VIP" option. By clicking on it, you will be redirected to a page with several choices regarding plans of memberships as a VIP. Thereafter, you will receive an email with instructions. Here you can find rates for VIP advertisement  If you don’t find a membership plan for you, be sure to bring you closer to the administrator by completing the form on the "Contact" section.


Status message

The status message option is free, and message is visible to all people on the site. The statutes of messages are another form of advertising for escorts and are posted in real-time to the right and a little down on the home page. To add a status message, you can do it in the field that is the result of status messages, or go to "My Account". There is also a field to fill for status messages.


Your profile current status

You can always check if your profile is activated, verified, or VIP by going to "My Account". If there is no green icon is that your profile is inactive.


Private messages

It is possible to exchange private messages with members by visiting "My Account" then "Private Messages" in the menu column. You are also alerted if you receive a message, by an email notification.


My Reviews

The reviews that members publish about you are available in "My Account" then "My reviews" in the menu column. You can also see the reviews awaiting approval.


Black list

The blacklist is used in case you experience a problem with a visitor. It is available in "My Account" section, then "black list" in the menu column. You also have access to the list of customers in bad faith, their contacts, and the problems with them. Blacklists of all the escorts are associated for more security. In addition, you can perform searches in relation to your contacts in order to be reassured that they are not present in the blacklist.