How to write escort reviews on

When you decide to leave a review for an escort it’s important to do the system justice by providing a clear, concise and relevant commentary for use by other potential clients.
Use some tips below what to write about.
Mention your escort’s appearance and how it matched the description in the marketing material. Provide information to let a reader know that an escort did or did not “measure up” to the measurements she listed on her ad. If she claimed to be 36-24-36 and she easily outweighed you by 20 pounds, she is probably misrepresenting herself. However, if she fairly closely matched her description, including eye color, hair hue, body type, skin color and any other detailed physical attributes, it’s safe to give your approval. Specify whether the escort’s pictures were real. Compare the biography she listed with how she seemed during an encounter. Did she describe herself as friendly, and was she? If she’s a girl-next-door type, her clothing should match that illusion. If she indicates that she’s sophisticated and classy, her clothing should be high-end, professional looking. 
Time is important when you’re setting up an encounter. Because an escort charges for her time, she should be punctual and provide the entire amount of time agreed upon. Readers need to know if an escort showed up on time (or late) and if she was a clock watcher. (If she was late, it’s important to verify whether you got the full amount of time or only the remaining minutes of the scheduled tryst.) Trying to end a session early is bad, and you should call out any escort who does this in your review. 
Give details about the legitimacy of your escort. Legitimate escorts provide good service, as promised beforehand. If you feel that your escort attempted to give you the runaround, scammed you or didn’t live up to her promises, you should indicate this in your review of the encounter. Upon arrival, an escort should be prepared to follow through with things as planned, barring any unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, any escort who attempts to charge you more for the encounter than you and she agreed upon prior to meeting in person should receive a negative review. Changing the rate suddenly is an inconsistent and unprofessional business practice that no other client will appreciate. 
Provide examples about any personalization your escort injected into the encounter. If you requested anything special for an encounter, give your escort praise for efforts she took to fulfill your wishes. From providing special role-playing costumes to baking a favorite treat, escorts sometimes cater to their clients in ways that make them stand out from others. Perhaps, examples about her incall may provide insight about the personalization that your escort provides to clients through the availability of sex toys, food and drink and other comforts of home. 
Communication is an important aspect of an escort review. Scheduling an encounter is one of the most difficult aspects of the escort/client relationship, especially in the beginning. Indicate in your review how easy it was to get in contact with your escort, her skill at communicating well and concisely, whether she returned phone calls and messages and how clear her directions were. 
Recommend or dissuade fellow hobbyists from booking an encounter with an escort. Based on your experience, provide details about whether you think a client would benefit from seeing this escort. 
An escort review can be a very powerful thing. While prospective clients are cautioned from reading them too closely, because they are, after all, opinions, these commentaries also provide valuable insight to closed-door experiences about escorts clients may consider calling for a session. When you take time to write up an escort review, provide accurate details, be concise and tell the truth with short descriptions for easy reading.